Высокоточные режущие линейки



The most important benefits of 4ec-bend cutting rules are tight thickness tolerances, extraordinary straightness as well as accurate flatness.

Consequently easy processing on modern automatic cutting / bending machines is guaranteed. This again will bring you closer to your target of an economic and efficient die shop.

Another aspect is to guarantee tightest specifications concerning mechanical and metallurgic parameters, in order to optimise the bending properties of the rule, for less corrections on your machinery after the first settings.



Application Recommendation

Application: Our Recommendation: Comments:
Lose bends / tight bending angle HP 34 depending on the required production runs
Highest bending consistency 4ec-bend especially for automatic bending machines
Long die life Tinit wear-resistant by hardcoating
Tightest height tolerances shaved finish in bars only
Low dust formation Molykote, SupraZ clean cut
Reduced make-ready MicroTop high resistance against overload
Elastic material SupraZ for laminated boards
Hard cutting material HP 44, HP 51 higher body stability
High / thick material AA bevel easy material penetration
Stiff material B, BB bevel if vertical cuts are required

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