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shaved bevel - standart

Shaved bevel - standart

Martin Miller cutting rules have a shaved bevel surface as standard which offers a very high degree of accuracy and edge straightness as well as excellent bending properties.


extrasharp es bevel

Extrasharp Es bevel – rectangular ground

This rule offers very good cutting results because of the micro-teeth on the bevel. For materials like plastics, rubber and laminates the ground execution has proven its highest efficiency.

The high sharpness and low friction reduce formation of dust and angel hair. In comparison to the shaved execution, ES has a slightly reduced bendability.


reflexion R

Reflexion R – special bevel surface

Due to our latest manufacturing technology we are able to offer a very smooth bevel structure which greatly improves the bendability compared to rules with a sharpened cutting edge.

The rounded transition area between the bevel and the body also provides a better workability on all rule processing tools. Reflexion is suitable for synthetic material as well as for paper.


molykote mo

Molykote Mo

Based on a special coating process a thin molykote film adheres to the cutting bevel and fills the small pores, providing a smooth edge surface.

Advantages are:

  • Best suitability for self-adhesive materials
  • Cutting with low formation of dust
  • Minimisation of friction between the bevel and the material to be cut


tinit ti

tinit ti

The ~ 2400 HV hard Tinit-coating with a thickness of only ~ 0.002 mm on the hardened cutting bevel is our latest innovation. bending properties and cutting edge geometry are the same as on edge hardened rules.

Special advantages are:

  • Increased efficiency and cutting quality during the converting process
  • Reduced tendency of adhesive materials stick to the cutting bevel.
  • Dust reduction and increased die life


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